The Amiolas, known to men as the Embalming-Skull or Cauldron, is one of the Sublime Contrivances of the Artisan, Emilidis.

The Amiolas is a sorcerous, face-encasing helm allowing the wearer to understand Ihrimsû, the Nonman tongue, and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful Emilidic artifacts. Despite the miracles of sorcery, translation had (and has) remained stubbornly impervious to arcane facilitation. The genius of Emilidis was primarily metaphysical: he grasped the continuity of meaning and souls, how a sorcerous understanding of Ihrimsû entailed a sorcerous unification of disparate souls. Inventing new forms of sorcery as he proceeded, Emilidis imbued his helm with the soul of Immiriccas Cinialrig, the infamous Malcontent, an Injori Ishroi condemned to die by Cû’jara-Cinmoi, and given the choice by Nil’giccas between risking the Hells or dwelling forever as an amputated, interpreting soul.

The Amiolas surfaces in human histories at several junctures, including protracted periods where Kings and Grandmasters refused to wear what the Umeri called the Embalming-Skull, and the Kûniüri, the Cauldron, fearing it to be a weapon (which it almost certainly became on occasion). According to Sohonc scholars, the Amiolas melted the contents of Immiriccas into the warmer waters of the wearer’s soul, creating a composite, a morass that would dry out for some, deepen for others. Ihrimsû would come effortlessly, only twisted in every respect about the hard fibre of the Malcontent, the architecture of his ancient old soul. Though no records exist of wearers admitting to what had to be a profound transformation of identity, Mandate scholars report that Seswatha forever regretted demanding it from Nil’giccas, even though the information it provided allowed him and Nau-Kayûti to steal the Heron Spear, and so save the World.[1]

Seswatha actually wore the Amiolas three times, each time deeply regretting experience but regarding it as necessary. Mandate and Swayal sorcerers hold the artifact in suspicion, recalling Seswatha's own ambivalence over its use.[2]

The Amiolas resides in Ishterebinth. During the Great Ordeal, Prince Sorweel of Sakarpus was sent to Ishterebinth as an envoy of Anasûrimbor Kellhus. To facilitate communication with the Nonmen, he was forced to don the Amiolas. Having been previously sceptical of Kellhus's mission, he learned of the truth of the existence of the Inchoroi and the No-God through the device and became convinced of Kellhus's righteousness as a result.[3]


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