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The Anagogis is a branch of sorcery that turns on the resonance between meanings and concrete things.[1] It uses creative metaphors to implement sorcery.

The Anagogis is generally considered inferior to the Gnosis because it works through Analogies as opposed to Abstractions: the Anagogic sorcerers can summon only an imitation of a dragon which spews out fire, while Gnostic sorcerers can summon heat itself.

Anagogic SchoolsEdit


  • The Dragonhead
  • The Houlari Twin-Tempests
  • The Iswazi Cant
  • The Memkotic Furies
  • The Meppa Cataract
  • The Portcullis
  • The Ramparts of Ur
  • The Uruborian Circle


  • The branches of sorcery all take their names from Greek words. “Anagogis” comes from the Greek word “Αναγωγής,” meaning “Comparison.”


  1. Encyclopedic Glossary, ‘Anagogis’

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