Anasûrimbor Celmomas II was the leader of the coalition against Golgotterath in the early days of the Apocalypse, and the last and greatest of the Kûniüric High Kings.[1]

He was a close friend of the sorcerer Seswatha, who often acted as his advisor. Celmomas was married to Suriala, and among his sons were Anasûrimbor Ganrelka II and the famous war hero Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti. But perhaps Nau-Cayûti was in truth the bastard son of Suriala and Seswatha.

In the Apocalypse’s early years, Celmomas was fatally wounded in battle by a Sranc chieftain during the Battle of Eleneöt Fields. With his dying words, he prophesied to Seswatha that a descendant of his would return at the end of the world. While few in the Three Seas believe the Celmomian Prophecy, as it is known, most Mandate scholars think it authentic.[2] In particular, Drusas Achamian believes that the prophecy refers to Anasûrimbor Kellhus.


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