Kelmomas is a Prince Imperial, youngest son of Esmenet and Kellhus. He is cunning (perhaps nearly as cunning as his father) and murderously jealous of his mother's affection.

He was born a twin with Samarmas. From birth, each twin locked gazes with the other for the first (very) few years of their lives. If they were ever forced to be apart, each sank into total despondancy. Soon after they separated psychologically, it was discovered that Kelmomas inherited Dûnyain traits while Samarmas did not.[1]> Not long after that, Kelmomas murdered his twin in a very convincing accident.[2]

Kelmomas remains a small child who likes to cuddle with his Mother while delightfully contemplating the no-longer-recent murder of his twin.[3]

He fears and hates his father.



The Judging EyeEdit

The White Luck WarriorEdit

The Unholy ConsultEdit


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