Anasûrimbor Moënghus II is officially the son of Kellhus and his first wife, Serwë, eldest of the Prince-Imperials. In truth he is the son of Cnaiür urs Skiötha.

Moënghus was born in Caraskand in 4111.[1] After Serwë's death, he was taken by Esmenet and raised as one of her children.[2]


Moënghus is broad shouldered and has dark hair.[3]


The Judging EyeEdit

Moënghus marches with his father, Kellhus, in the Great Ordeal.

The White-Luck WarriorEdit

Moënghus, Serwa, and Sorweel are sent to the Nonman Mansion of Ishterebinth.

The Unholy ConsultEdit


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