Nanor-Ukkerja I (“Hammer of Heaven” in Kûniüric from Ûmeritic nanar hukisha) was the first Anasûrimbor High King. His defeat of the Scintya in 1408 led to the founding of Kûniüri and began what most scholars regard as the longest-reigning dynasty in recorded history.[1]

Over the course of his long life (he lived to the age of 178, the reputed result of the Nonman blood in his veins), Nanor-Ukkerja I extended Kûniüri to the Yimaleti Mountains in the north, to the westernmost coasts of the Cerish Sea in the east, to Sakarpus in the south, and to the Demua Mountains in the west. At his death, he divided this empire between his sons, creating Aörsi and Sheneor in addition to Kûniüri proper.[2]


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