At the urging of Seswatha, founder of the School of Mandate, Anaxophus V, High King of Kyraneas, wields the Heron Spear against the No-God at Mengedda, thus ending the First Apocalypse.

Anaxophus V was the Kyranean ruler during the dark years of the Apocalypse. He famously killed the No-God with the Heron Spear in 2155, so winning the Second Battle of Mengedda and finally ending the nightmare of the Apocalypse.[1]

Anaxophus had recovered the Heron Spear after the disastrous Battle of Eleneöt Fields and hidden it away. Some historians, Casidas among them, have called this the most monstrous deception in history. How could Anaxophus conceal the only weapon that could defeat the No-God while the greater part of the world died? But others, including many belonging to the Mandate, argued precisely the opposite. They admitted that Anaxophus’s motive—to save Kyraneas and Kyraneas alone—was more than a little suspect. But they pointed to the fact that had he not hidden the Heron Spear, it would surely have been lost in the catastrophes following the defeat at Eleneöt.

Anaxophus was a close friend of the sorcerer Seswatha, who called him “Anakka.”


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