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Titles Prince of the Inchoroi
Spear-Bearer to King Sil
Horde-General to the No-God
Nicknames Sarpanur
Angel of Deceit
Appearances The Thousandfold Thought
The White-Luck Warrior (flashback only)
Lived  ? - present
Race Inchoroi
Gender Male
Occupation Prince of the Inchoroi
Spear-Bearer to King Sil
Horde-General to the No-God
Leader of the Consult
Relatives Aurax (brother)

Shaeönanra, leader of the Consult, and Aurang, Prince of the Inchoroi.

Aurang is the last Prince of the Inchoroi and Horde-General to the No-God during the Apocalypse. He and his twin brother are the only Inchoroi who have survived to the present time.

Very little is known of Aurang, save that he was one of the two original founders of the Consult, and that he is the twin brother of Aurax.[1]

Aurang is only one of the many names he was known by. The Nonmen of Ishterebinth originally called him by the name Sarpanur, after the keystone that fixed their arches. After the epidemic of the Womb-Plague, they cursed him as Sin-Pharion, “the Angel of Deceit.” Thousands of years later, the Norsirai of Kûniüri gave him the name Aurang, meaning “the Warlord.”[2]


What Came BeforeEdit

Aurang has lived for uncounted millennia, and nothing is known of his background save that he was aboard the Incû-Holoinas and took part in the campaign where the Inchoroi attacked planet after planet and exterminated their native species down to 144,000 souls. He was one of the survivors when the great Ark crashed into Eärwa.

Aurang fought in the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars, where he served as Spear-Bearer to Sil, the great Inchoroi King After-the-Fall. At one point, he rode into battle on the back of Wutteät, the Father of Dragons. During the battle on the Inniür-Shigogli plain where the Nonman King Cû’jara-Cinmoi was slain, Aurang wrestled and defeated the great Nonman Ishroi, Ciögli the Mountain.[3]

During the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars, the steadily diminishing Inchoroi performed genetic experiments on themselves. Aurang and his brother Aurax, along with four others, were the only survivors of a genetic rewriting to give the Inchoroi the ability to perform sorcery. Eventually, the Nonmen won the war and exterminated the last Inchoroi, before sealing the Incû-Holoinas shut. However, Aurang and Aurax had survived.

Several thousands of years later, he was awoken in the depths of the Incû-Holoinas by the renegade sorcerer Shaeönanra. The two became lovers and founded the Consult together, to continue the work of the Inchoroi and seal the world from the afterlife. Together, they attacked and killed Titirga in 1119.

He was one of the masterminds behind the Apocalypse, which began in the spring of 2143. Like the rest of the Consult’s leadership, he survived the No-God’s destruction.

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

During the Holy War, the Inchoroi gives directions to his agents, the skin-spies, through a Synthese. He is able to overlook the war’s progress through this bio-engineered bird body. Aurang’s identity is revealed to the skin-spy Gaörta for the first time, and he states that he wants the Holy War to succeed and destroy the Cishaurim. The original reason behind the Holy War was to eliminate the Cishaurim, because of their unexplained ability to expose the Consult’s skin-spies.

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

Aurang communicates with Cnaiür urs Skiötha through the Synthese, granting him the service of several skin-spies in exchange for information on how to stop Anasûrimbor Kellhus. He has now learned that the Cishaurim were never the true threat to the Consult’s designs, but rather the mysterious Dûnyain.

The White-Luck WarriorEdit

In his bird form, Aurang gives directions to the skin-spy Tsuör, telling him to continue following the Skin Eaters and keep an eye on Nil’giccas.  


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