Aurax is a surviving Prince of the Inchoroi.

Very little is known of Aurax, save that he is a ranking member of the Consult and the twin brother of Aurang. Mandate scholars speculate that it was he who first taught the Tekne science to the Mangaecca.[1]

He does not seem to have the vocal apparatus to speak, but instead communicates by using pheromones and telepathy.


The Warrior-ProphetEdit

An Inchoroi takes part in the Consult’s search for the mysterious Dûnyain, capturing and torturing people for information. It is not clear whether this is Aurax or his twin brother, Aurang.

The Unholy Consult Edit

During the battle for Golgotterath, Aurax is seen bloated and wrecked, submissive to the new Consult formed out of Thought-Dancers within the Incû-Holoinas after his brother, Aurang, is killed by Anasûrimbor Kellhus. It is unclear to whether he was killed or not.[2]


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