Battle of Eleneöt Fields
Part of the Apocalypse

Date 2146
Location Fields of Eleneöt
First force Horde of the No-God
Second force Second Ordeal
Result Decisive victory for the Horde of the No-God
Horde of the No-God
Leader Aurang
Participants Ghoset
Second Ordeal
Leader Anasûrimbor Celmomas II
Participants Anasûrimbor Ganrelka II
Anaxophus V

The Battle of Eleneöt Fields was the greatest battle between the Horde of the No-God and the Second Ordeal of mankind on the Fields of Eleneöt in 2146.

The coming of the No-God was an unimaginable event. All living Men could sense his dread presence on the horizon, and all infants were born dead. This dark time became known as the Years of the Crib. Anasûrimbor Celmomas II, the High-King of Kûniüri, had little difficulty gathering support for his Second Ordeal against this threat to all mankind. Nil’giccas and Celmomas were reconciled. Across Eärwa, large hosts of Men began marching towards Kûniüri.

Despite having assembled the greatest host of their age, Celmomas and his allies were unprepared for the vast numbers of Sranc, Bashrags, and Wracu gathered by the No-God and his Consult. Celmomas was killed, almost all of his host annihilated, and Kûniüri fell to the enemy. The battle was a devastating catastrophe, and signalled the eventual destruction of the Norsirai civilization.[1]


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