Battle of Imogirion
Part of the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars

Date unknown
Location Inniür-Shigogli, Min-Uroikas
First force Inchoroi
Second force Nonmen of Illisserû
Result Complete Inchoroi victory
Leader Aurang, Nin’janjin
Nonmen of Illisserû
Participants Moryror
Imogirion campaign

The approximate route of the Illisserû fleet.

The Battle of Imogirion was a major engagement during the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars. It took place during the five centuries that separated the Battle of Pir Minginnial and the Battle of Isal’imial and was notable for being the only major Cûnuroi military campaign undertaken by sea.


Following the disastrous defeat at the Battle of Pir Minginnial, the great alliance established by Cû’jara-Cinmoi shattered. Each Nonman Mansion chose to defend its own Reach, with High King Sin’niroiha of Nihrimsul and Ishoriöl unable to hold them together. Ishoriöl endured five long sieges, each lasting more than a decade at a time.

During this period the other Nonmen Mansions mainly took defensive action, but distant Illisserû - the most nautical of the Mansions - realised that this would ultimately lead to defeat. Taking the initiative, Illisserû assembled a great host and fleet and sailed from the Meneanor Sea, through the Straits of Bajeda and west into the Great Ocean. They turned north for thousands of miles along the coast until they reached the Leash, the straits separating the Yimaleti Mountains from Injor-Niyas. Finally, the fleet landed on the shores of Agongorea. The army disembarked and struck for the Incû-Holoinas.

The BattleEdit

Relatively little is known of the battle, save it was one of those counted as taking place on the Inniür-Shigogli, the plain before the Ark, so presumably the host of Illisserû made it that far. Illisserû was attempting to take the Inchoroi by surprise, possibly whilst they were still besieging Ishoriöl, but this seems to have failed. The Nonmen army was destroyed and put to rout. History records a "nocturnal slaughter" on Agongorea, suggesting that the survivors of the army were destroyed by night as they fled back to their ships.

There were only one hundred survivors of the battle. Only one of the Nonmen warriors present, Moryror, survived the tempests, storms and shipwrecks that consumed them to see Illisserû again. The rest of the martial force of Illisserû was utterly destroyed.


The Battle of Imogirion convinced the remaining Nonman Mansions of the folly of each continuing to fight alone. Around the time of this battle, or possibly later, Ishoriöl finally broke the back of the Inchoroi besieging armies. By this time Nil’giccas had succeeded his father and, as a Son of Tsonos through his mother, was able to establish a new coalition, which finally threw back the Inchoroi in defeat at the epic Battle of Isal'imial, which finally saw the Incû-Holoinas itself boarded and sacked.

Illisserû endured, but the loss of almost its entire warrior caste left it relatively defenceless. During the Cûno-Halaroi Wars it fell to the invading armies of men relatively easily. The Mansion stood empty for nigh four millennia, until Anasûrimbor Kellhus gifted it to the Swayal Compact as their headquarters, now named Orovelai.[1]


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