Battle of Kiyuth

Date 4110
Location River Kiyuth
First force Imperial Army of Nansur
Second force Scylvendi
Result Victory for the Imperial Army of Nansur
Imperial Army of Nansur
Leader Ikurei Conphas
Participants Martemus
Leader Xunnurit
Participants Balait urs Kututha
Bannut urs Hannut
Cnaiür urs Skiötha
Oknai One-Eye
Panteruth urs Mutkius

The Battle of Kiyuth is an important battle between the Imperial Army of Nansur and the Scylvendi, fought in 4110 on the banks of the River Kiyuth, a tributary of the River Sempis.

Ikurei Conphas, the Nansur Exalt-General, uses various tactics to goads the Scylvendi army into attacking immediately with all its strength. The overconfident Scylvendi King-of-Tribes Xunnurit orders the attack, believing that he can wipe out the Nansur army and return home before the droughts to drive his herds to summer pasture.

When the Scylvendi attack, it becomes clear that the Nansur army's banners have been rearranged to hide the fact that all of their best troops are in the center.

The elite Nansur troops reach and break the Scylvendi's chorae-archers. Once this is accomplished, sorcerers from the Imperial Saik appear and obliterate the now-defenseless Scylvendi host.

The Scylvendi defeat is unprecedented, given that it occurs on the Jiünati Steppe.[1] Conphas's success ensures that the Nansur Empire will not be attacked by the Scylvendi while the bulk of its army joins the Holy War.


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