Battle of Mehsarunath
Part of the Apocalypse

Date 2154
Location Attong Plateau
First force Army of Anaxophus V
Second force Horde of the No-God
Result Indecisive
Army of Anaxophus V
Leader Anaxophus V
Horde of the No-God
Leader Aurang

The Battle of Mehsarunath was the first great battle fought between the gathered might of Kyraneas and the host of the No-God on the Attong Plateau in 2154. Though Aurang, the No-God's Horde-General, won the battle, the Kyranean High King, Anaxophus V, was able to escape with much of his host intact, setting the stage for the far more decisive Second Battle of Mengedda the following year.[1]


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