Battle of Zirkirta

Date 4103
Location Jiünati Steppe
First force Scylvendi
Second force Kianene
Result Victory for the Scylvendi
Leader Yursut urs Muknai
Participants Cnaiür urs Skiötha
Leader Hasjinnet ab Skauras

The Battle of Zirkirta was a major battle fought between the Kianene host of Hasjinnet ab Skauras and the Scylvendi under Yursut urs Muknai on the Jiünati Steppe in 4103.

Though their cavalry proved no match for the Scylvendi, and Hasjinnet himself was slain, the Kianene were quick in recovering, and most of the ill-fated expedition survived[1].


  1. Encyclopedic Glossary, p. 420, 'Battle of Zirkirta'

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