The Cants of Calling are the family of sorcerous incantations that enable communications over distance.

Though the metaphysics of these Cants is only loosely understood, all long-distance Cants of Calling seem to turn on the so-called Here Hypothesis. One can call only to slumbering souls (because they remain open to the Outside) and only to those residing someplace where the Caller has physically been. The idea is that the "Here" of the Caller can only reach a "There", or other location, that has been a "Here" sometime in the past.

The degree of similarity between Anagogic and Gnostic Cants of Calling has led many to suspect that they hold the key to unravelling the Gnosis[1].

Known CantsEdit

Ishra DiscursiaEdit

The Ishra Discursia is the most ancient and most simple of the Gnostic Cants of Calling[2].

It consists of two strings in the Gilcûnya tongue, one utteral and the other inutteral, which must be spoken and thought simultaneously.

The utteral is, "Iratisrineis lo ocoimenein loroi hapara..."
The inutteral is, "Li lijineriera cui ashiritein hejaroit..."


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