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Carythusal, also known as “the City of Flies,” is the most populous city in the Three Seas, and the administrative and commercial capital of High Ainon.[1]

The great slums of Carythusal vernacularly named the Worm.[2]

Some attractions worth noting:

Surmantic Gates, the great northern gate of Carythusal, whose construction was financed in 3639 by Surmante Xatantius I to commemorate the ill-fated Treaty of Kutapileth, a short-lived military pact between Nansur and High Ainon;[3]

Sranc Pits, the famed gladiatorial arena of Carythusal, where human slaves are typically pitted against Sranc;[4]

Temple of Exorietta, a notorious temple in Carythusal;[5]

Mouth-of-the-Worm, a Yatwerian temple in Carythusal, so named because of its proximity to the slums commonly called the Worm.[6]


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