Cet’ingira, also known as Mekeritrig (“Traitor of Men” in Kûniüric), is the Nonman Siqû and powerful Qûya who revealed the location of the Min-Uroikas to the School of Mangaecca in 777, and who would become a ranking member of the Consult during the Apocalypse.[1]

Cet’ingira was sent on an expedition together with two Ishroi into the depths of the Incû-Holoinas by Nil’giccas following the end of the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars. The two Ishroi, Misariccas and Runidil, were driven to madness by what they saw, and Cet’ingira advised the King to have them killed. Unknown to the others, Cet'ingira had also been affected.[2]

Over the following centuries, Cet'ingira disguised his true intentions. It was he who advised Nil'giccas to begin the Nonman Tutelage of the Men - ostensibly to teach the Nonmen's knowledge to the younger race, but in reality so that he could secretly pass on the Inchoroi's revelation.


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