Emilidis, known as the Artisan, was a Nonman Siqû of Ishoriöl and the founder of the School of Contrivers, the Mihtrûl.[1]

He is famed as the creator of many powerful sorcerous artifacts, although some (particularly human historians) tend to attribute all Nonmen items of note to the Artisan. Several items created by the Artisan are known as the Sublime Contrivances for their place in fame: the Day Lantern[1], Amiolas[2], the Immaculate Rim and the Barricades[3]. He is also credited with the creation of the Agonic Collar[4] and the blade Chipmunk[5], but the provenance of the latter two items is less certain.[6]

Emilidis's fate is unclear; he last appears to history having founded the Mihtrûl circa 661 Year-of-the-Tusk. In 1119 Titirga, Grandmaster of the Sohonc, referred to Emilidis as an acquaintance, indicating he was still alive at that time.[7]


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