Fane by quintvc-d86h3bv

Fane by Quinthane.

Fane was the Prophet of the Solitary God, founder of Fanimry and first of the Cishaurim.

Initially a Shrial Priest in the Nansur province of Eumarna, Fane was declared a heretic by the ecclesiastical courts of the Thousand Temples in 3703 and banished to certain death in the Carathay Desert. According to Fanim tradition, rather than dying in the desert, Fane went blind, experienced the series of revelations narrated in the kipfa’aifan (the “Witness of Fane” in Kianni), and was granted miraculous powers (the same powers attributed to the Cishaurim) he called the Water of Indara. He spent the remainder of his life preaching to and consolidating the desert tribes of the Kianene, who after his death would launch the White Jihad under the leadership of Fane’s son, Fan’oukarji I.[1]


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