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The Few is the term used to refer to those born with the innate ability to sense the onta and work sorcery.[1]

Even without training, the Few are able to see the Mark, allowing them to distinguish sorcery from the natural world; hence the oft-repeated phrase, “Only the Few can see the Few.”[2] However, until actually using sorcery themselves, they bear no Mark and can handle Chorae without harm.

One way to distinguish the Few from common Men without Marking them is through a Wathi Doll, by having the person speak aloud the artifact's cipher. If the person is of the Few the doll will awaken, however the person will not develop a Mark and should still be able to handle Chorae.[3]

Those of the Few who receive training are classified as Qûya, Shamans, Sorcerers, Witches, or Wizards, depending on such factors as race, gender, and whether or not they belong to a School.


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