Fifth Battle of Mengedda
Part of the Holy War

Date 4111
Location Mengedda Plains
First force Holy War
Second force Kianene
Result Victory for the Holy War
Holy War
Leader Coithus Saubon
Participants Hoga Gothyelk
Braelwan Cynnea
Eorcu Othrain
Goken the Red
Hargraum Kothwa
Hringa Magga
Hringa Narradha
Hringa Skaiyelt
Incheiri Gotian
Raeharth Hagarond
Rilding Werijen Greatheart
Safirig Trondha
Swahon Wainhail
Thagawain Anfirig
Yalgrota Sranchammer
Leader Skauras ab Nalajan
Participants Fanayal ab Kascamandri

The Fifth Battle of Mengedda was the first decisive battle fought between the First Holy War and the Kianene, in 4111.

Plagued with organizational problems and dissension under its commanders, the First Holy War, under the nominal command of Prince Coithus Saubon, was caught by Skauras ab Nalajan and his Kianene host on the Mengedda Plains with only half of its available strength. From morning to late afternoon, the Inrithi managed to beat back innumerable Kianene charges. When the remainder of the First Holy War arrived on the Fanim flank, the will of the Kianene broke and they were routed.[1]


  1. Encyclopedic Glossary, ‘Battle of Mengedda, the Fifth’

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