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Just having some fun. A depiction of the Breaking of the Gates, done in a faux Sumerian style.

The Gates of Eärwa are a series of fortified passes through the Great Northern Kayarsus Mountains. Their precise location is not known, but is assumed to be north of the Sea of Cerish, possibly in the vicinity of the long-fallen Nonman Mansion of Siöl.

The Breaking of the GatesEdit

The name given to the assault on the Gates of Eärwa by the Men of Eänna. Since The Chronicle of the Tusk ends with the determination to invade Eärwa, or the “Land of the Felled Sun,” and since the Nonman Mansions most involved in resisting the Tribes of Men were all destroyed, very little is known either of the Breaking of the Gates or of the subsequent migratory invasions.[1]


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