Geshrunni is a Shield-Captain of the Javreh, slain in carythusal.[1]


Geshrunni has a hawkish soldier's face, a beared pleated into what look like black leather straps, and tanned arms. He has a line of Ainoni pictograms tattooed from his shoulder to his wrist.[2]


The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Drusas Achamian befriends Geshrunni in an attempt to use him as an informant to learn about the Scarlet Spires. Geshrunni quickly identifies him as a Mandate Schoolman, and uses a Chorae to force Achamian to confess to being a spy. However, he does not kill Achamian, instead taking a small measure of vengeance against his cruel Scarlet Spire masters by giving away valuable information regarding the assassination of Sasheoka ten years previously.

Shortly after the meeting, Geshrunni is killed by a skin-spy that had been observing Achamian.


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