The god of conflict and war, Gilgaöl is the brother of Yatwer.

Gilgaöl is the God of war and conflict. He is one of the so-called Compensatory Gods, who reward devotion in life with paradise in the afterlife.

Gilgaöl is the second most popular of the Hundred Gods, only after his sister Yatwer.

In the Higarata, the collection of subsidiary writings that form the scriptural core of the Cults, Gilgaöl is depicted as harsh and sceptical of Men, continually demanding proof of worth from those who would follow him. Though subordinate to the Thousand Temples, the Gilgallic Cult boasts nearly as many priests, and perhaps receives more in the way of sacrificial donations.[1]

Gilgaöl is also known as the Shield-Breaker[2] and One-Eyed War.[3]

At least the position of High Cultist of Gilgaöl is hereditary. The priests took part in the celebration of Ikurei Conphas’s victory over the Scylvendi:

“In accordance with custom, the hereditary priests of Gilgaöl brought basins of water. As Conphas expected, they smeared lion’s blood on his limbs and, muttering prayers, cleansed his symbolic wounds.”[4]

They also sacrifice goshawks, dogs and lions, by burning them in godfires for the sake of those at war.[5] Other goshawks are released into the setting evening sun.[6] At least in one case, the hide of a lion was retained by the offerer.[7]

After battle the priests of Gilgaöl preside over the declaration of Battle-Celebrant. In their ornamental red hauberks, the Gilgallic Priests rise to declare the Battle-Celebrant. The High Cultist of Gilgaöl, steps to the forefront of the others, performs the Gilgallic rites, and moves to stand over the Battle-Celebrant. He is told to kneel, and a circlet woven of thorns and olive sprigs, is placed on his head; the High Cultist of Gilgaöl finally cries, “Rise, [name], … Battle-Celebrant!”[8]

It is also the task of the High Cultist to consult his omen-texts to determine the will of the God.[9]


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