Wight-in-the-Mountain by Quinthane


Gin’yursis after becoming the Wight-in-the-Mountain at Cil-Aujas.

Gin’yursis was the Nonman King of Cil-Aujas during the Apocalypse.

Gin’yursis was alive as far back as the Nonman Tutelage; his greatest student was Sos-Praniura, who founded the Mangaecca in 684.[1]

In the autumn of 2151, Gin’yursis allied with a band of Meöri led by the hero Nostol. The forces succeeded in holding back the Horde of the No-God at the Battle of Kathol Pass, which would be the only victory during the Years of the Crib. However, the following spring, the resentment of the Men towards the Nonmen led them to betray their allies. The Nonmen of Cil-Aujas were massacred, including Gin’yursis. Common legend holds that the famous fractiousness of the Galeoth is due to a curse placed on their Meöri forefathers by Gin’yursis. In actuality, Gin’yursis was not so discriminate in his dying; he cursed all Men.[2]

However, because Cil-Aujas was a topos, Gin’yursis survived past his death as a ghostly apparition, the Wight-in-the-Mountain. He continued to haunt the halls of Cil-Aujas until 4132, when Mimara exorcized him using a Chorae and her Judging Eye.[3]


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