Hertata is an orphan boy who lives in Sumna.

He always repeats the last words of his sentences, which has resulted in him gaining derogatory nicknames such as Hertata-tata and Echo. Hertata prostitutes himself for food because he is too afraid to steal.[1]


The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

Hertata convinces his friend Sol to come with him to the stone quay to see the departure of Maithanet, whom Hertata reveres. Sol is concerned with the danger posed by slavers, who hold their markets at the quay, but Hertata believes they will not show themselves in the presence of Maithanet for fear of being damned. At the Shrial Procession, Hertata catches Maithanet’s eye and the Shriah smiles at him. When he turns to leave, Hertata is then captured by a slaver, though Sol escapes.


  1. The Thousandfold Thought, Chapter 4

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