Hoga Gothyelk is the Earl of Agansanor, and leader of the Tydonni contingent of the Holy War.[1]


Gothyelk has a thick waist, long, iron-grey beard, a broad nose and overgrown brows.[2]


The Darkness That Comes Before Edit

Gothyelk attends the meeting of the Great Names at Momemn at the start of the Holy War. He is loudly chastising his three sons also in attendance. Anasûrimbor Kellhus sees the love he harbors for his sons beneath the father's stern expression.

The Warrior-Prophet Edit

Gothyelk and his Tydonni host joins Coithus Saubon's Galeoth and the Thunyeri contingent to separate from the Holy War and attack Gedea. Along the way, Gothyelk's reckless intentions infuriate the more cautious Saubon. The two men nearly come to blows, and Gothyelk detaches from Saubon's host to go his own way, with the Thunyeri following.

When Saubon arrives on the Battleplain, he eventually realizes that Gothyelk's host has been marching parallel with his own. The forces reunite and attack the Kianene together. Gothyelk is felled from his horse during the battle, but rescued by his sons.

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

Gothyelk is slain by Fanayal ab Kascamandri during the battle of Shimeh.[3]

The Judging EyeEdit

In the twenty years since the end of the Holy War, Gothyelk has come to be known as “the Martyr of Shimeh.”[4]


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