Iëva was the wife of Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti, the youngest son of Celmomas II, the High King of Kûniüri.[1] She was married to Nau-Cayûti in or around 2133.[2]

According to the Sagas, she murdered her husband by poisoning him.[1] She is also believed by some scholars to have murdered General En-​Kau­jalau in much the same way.[1]

Visions into the past received by Drusas Achamian through Seswatha's Dreams later suggested that the poison merely paralyzed Nau-Cayûti.[2] Iëva was working for the Consult "to save her soul" (according to Shauriatas)[3] and ensured her husband was buried, rather than burned as was the custom.[2] Nau-Cayûti was then exhumed from his grave by Aurang and taken as a prisoner to Golgotterath.[4]

It was eventually discovered that Iëva was responsible for Nau-Cayûti's death, as she was tried and executed for her crime in 2140.[5]

Appearance Edit

Iëva had long blonde hair, which was so pale as to be almost white.[2]

Trivia Edit

Iëva's year of birth is initially given as 2125 and her year of death as 2146.[6] However, her entry in the second Encyclopedic Glossary states she was born in 2112 and died in 2140.[5]


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