Ikurei Conphas is the nephew of Emperor Ikurei Xerius III and heir apparent to the Imperial Mantle.[1]


Conphas is exceptionally conceited, to the point he becomes convinced of his own divinity.


The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Conphas is charged with attacking the Scylvendi to ensure that the Nansur-Scylvendi border is safe during the Holy War. Conphas studies military history and realizes that their tactics can be predicted. Through a number of cunning maneuvers, he baits the Scylvendi horde into attacking and annihilates their Chorae-archers, allowing the Imperial Saik to emerge and obliterate the Scylvendi host.

Upon arriving back at the Andiamine Heights for his triumph, he impulsively ponders assassinating his uncle Xerius, but backs down when he learns that the soldiers lining the parade ground are Xerius's men, not his own.

When Xerius's plans to bend the Great Names into signing his indenture hit a rough patch, he adds Conphas's proven military genius as an incentive to sign. In the camps of the arriving Holy War at Momemn, Conphas meets with Nersei Proyas and humiliates the prince in their verbal jousting.

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

Anasûrimbor Kellhus expels Conphas from Caraskand, ordering him to return to Nansur and sending Cnaiür urs Skiötha to watch over him. Cnaiür, who has been secret orders to assassinate Conphas, rapes him but does not kill him. Conphas subsequently escapes Joktha, joins with reinforcements from Nansur, and attacks the city from without, killing all those loyal to Kellhus save for Cnaiür. Cnaiür is imprisoned, but promptly escapes with the aid of a skin-spy impersonating Biaxi Sompas.

Upon receiving news of the death of Xerius, Conphas proclaims himself Emperor of Nansur.

Conphas joins the battle in defense of Shimeh, but his forces are decimated by Drusas Achamian, and he is subsequently slain by Coithus Saubon as his Galeoth forces arrive.


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