Ikurei Istriya is the mother of Emperor Ikurei Xerius III, once famed for her legendary beauty.[1]

At some point, Istriya is killed and replaced by a skin-spy.


Istriya once possessed a legendary beauty, but has grown wrinkled in her old age.


What Came BeforeEdit

The dowry of Istriya’s marriage to the Emperor of Nansur was the burning of the Imperial Harem.[2]

After the death of Xerius’s father, Istriya entered an incestuous relationship with him. More recently, she has turned her affections toward her grandson Conphas.

The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Istriya confronts Xerius about his plans to indenture the Holy War to return all former provinces of the Nansur Empire. As he tells her his full designs, she becomes increasingly alarmed at the risks involved, but he dismisses her warnings.

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit


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