Shaeönanra, leader of the Consult, and Aurang, Prince of the Inchoroi.


At the fields of Pir Pahal, Cû’jara-Cinmoi, greatest of the Nonman Kings, confronts the fierce Inchoroi King Sil, armored in festering bodies.


Another concept sketch of an Inchoroi, before and after the head graft.

Angry inch

The Inchoroi are a mysterious and obscene race that, according to legend, descended from the void in the Incû-Holoinas.[1]


Very little is known about them, aside from their apparently limitless capacity for cruelty and their malignant obsession with the carnal.[1] They worship the No-God as their saviour.[2]


The goal of the Inchoroi is to prevent the eventual eternal damnation of their souls by severing the connection between the World and the Outside. They believe this can be accomplished by reducing the number of souls in the world below 144,000. They attempted this on many other worlds, prevailing each time only to find themselves still damned, before the Incû-Holoinas crashed into Eärwa, which they view as the land of their redemption.[3]


Inchoroi Tekne is responsible for the creation of a number of races, including Bashrags, Sranc, Skin-spies, Synthese, and Wracu. The Heron Spear is also an artifact of Inchoroi Tekne.[4]

Other NamesEdit

The name Inchoroi means “People of Emptiness” in Ihrimsû, and was given to them by Ingalira.[5] The Inchoroi refer to themselves as a “race of lovers.”[6]

Known InchoroiEdit


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