The Initiation was an event that took place during the First Apocalypse, in 2142. The nature of the event is still fiercely debated by scholars and sorcerers of the Mandate.

The event took place during the Second Investiture, when the armies of Kûniüri and allied states under the command of General Sag-Marmau besieged Golgotterath. Agents of the Consult had allegedly murdered Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti and hoped this would throw the armies of Kûniüri into dismay; instead, they rallied and inflicted crippling defeats on the Consult and were able to throw them back to the Golden Horns themselves. The forces of Sag-Marmau were preparing for a final offensive when the Consult triggered the creation of a destructive force of devastating power.

Initiation refers to the birth of the No-God. Exactly what the Consult did to create or unleash such an entity is unknown, save that the No-God's very presence on the World was anathema to life. The Years of the Crib began and the Apocalypse got underway in earnest. The carnage was not halted until Anaxophus V deployed the Heron Spear against the No-God at the Second Battle of Mengedda thirteen years later.[1]


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