Ishterebinth (“Exalted Stronghold” in Ihrimsû) is the last-surviving of the Nonman Mansions, located west of the Demua Mountains.

Known as Ishoriöl (“Exalted Hall” in Ihrimsû) in the Isûphiryas, Ishterebinth was considered one of the premier cities of the Cûnuroi after Siöl and Cil-Aujas.[1] The Mansion was founded by Siöl, the House Primordial. In time Ishoriöl became known as the House Eschatological. It later eclipsed Siöl both culturally and economically before the latter was destroyed in the Breaking of the Gates.[2]

By the year 4132, all the remaining Nonmen of Ishterebinth have joined the Consult save for their last King, Nil’giccas, whose pride drove him to abandon the Mansion and become an Erratic instead.[3]


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