Ishuäl, "Exalted Grotto" (Ihrimsû), is a hidden fortress in the Demua Mountains.

Ishuäl was constructed to be the secret fastness of the Kûniüric High Kings. Following the fall of Kûniüri during the Apocalypse, Anasûrimbor Ganrelka II and his court fled to Ishuäl. However, they succumbed to plague soon after; the only survivor was a young bastard prince. In 2147, a group of Dûnyain monks found Ishuäl, and occupied it in isolation for almost two thousand years.[1][2]

In 4132, Drusas Achamian and Mimara locate Ishuäl using a map that had been hidden in the Coffers of the Library of Sauglish,[3] but it appears to have been destroyed.[4]


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