Istyuli Plains

The Istyuli Plains in 4109.

The Istyuli Plains are a vast and largely semi-arid tableland running from the Yimaleti Mountains in the north to the Hethanta Mountains in the south, and from the River Aumris in the west to the Sea of Cerish in the east. They utterly dominate central-northern Eärwa.[1].

The Istyuli Plains were once the breadbasket of Eärwa, teeming with villages, towns and farmsteads feeding the great nations of Kûniüri, Sheneor, Akksersia and Aörsi. Millennia before that they formed part of the Reach or dominion of the Nonman Mansions of Nihrimsul and Siöl.

During the First Apocalypse, those nations were laid low by the teeming masses of Sranc unleashed by the No-God. Since the end of that conflict the Sranc have remained in firm control of the plains. The Great Ordeal of Anasûrimbor Kellhus marched onto the Istyuli Plains in 4132, planning to breach the armies of Sranc to reach and destroy fell Golgotterath.[2]


Natural FeaturesEdit


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