Krijates Xinemus is the Conriyan Marshal of Attrempus.[1]


Xinemus is burly, thick-bearded, and bears a striking resemblance to his friend Drusas Achamian.[2]


What Came Before Edit

Xinemus was the sword tutor of Nersei Proyas. In this station, he first met Drusas Achamian, who was serving as the prince's academic tutor. In spite of Xinemus's piety, he befriended the sorcerer.

Though Xinemus loves Proyas, he became increasingly alarmed when the prince began developing a rigid and fanatical faith. After Proyas had his cousin Nersei Calmemunis whipped for impiety, Xinemus commanded him to take up a practice sword and beat the young man bloody. Proyas later decided that the beating was a lesson about his stubbornness and became slightly more flexible and humble in his behavior.

The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Xinemus is present when Nersei Calmemunis meets with Ikurei Xerius III. Xinemus tries to caution Calmemunis against acting too rashly, but Calmemunis ignores him. Xinemus stays in Momemn when the Vulgar Holy War departs and awaits the arrival of the rest of the other lords.

Xinemus is drinking with his subordinates when Achamian seeks him out. Some of the soldiers are not ready to accept a Schoolman in their midst, but Xinemus insists that they treat him with respect. The two old friends catch up. They next day, they play benjuka. Xinemus is a better player because he does not try to force victory, like Achamian. The pair discuss the Holy War and their thoughts on Proyas.

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

Xinemus accompanies the Holy War as it marches, moving with the Conriyan host. Achamian, Kellhus, Cnaiur and Serwe share his fire, among others.

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit


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