Kussalt is the groom to Prince Coithus Saubon, slain at Mengedda.[1]


Kussalt is described as "grizzled," with white hair and implacable eyes. Everything about his appearance is dull and grey. He wears a dented helmet, caring nothing for his appearance, which Coithus Saubon says makes him look more impressive rather than less. 

Saubon's earliest memory is getting scooped up by Kussalt after being stung by a bee. The groom has served him all his life. Kussalt joins Saubon at Mengedda, serving as an advanced scout before returning to the prince's side. Kussalt reveals that he has memorized The Tractate and tries to answer Saubon's question about sacrifice, but Saubon is unsatisifed.


  1. Encyclopedic Glossary, 'Kussalt'

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