The Leash is the name given to the narrow waterway linking the northern Great Ocean to the Neleöst, the Misty Sea of the Ancient North. In ancient times it was known as the Straits of Aögus but this name fell out of favour, with Ogni, a Condic term meaning "Leash" replacing it.

The Leash was wide enough to permit passage between the two major seas, but narrow enough to be crossed by raft or boat. It was even shallow enough to permit large numbers of sranc to pass across it.

During the Cûno-Inchoroi Wars the Nonmen of Illisserû mounted a seaborne assault on Golgotterath via the Leash, but this was defeated at the Battle of Imogirion. Barely a hundred warriors survived to flee back to their ships, but most of the fleet was lost at sea during the long voyage back to the Three Seas.[1]


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