Maëngi is a Consult skin-spy who kills and impersonates the Knight-Commander of the Shrial Knights, Cutias Sarcellus.[1]


What Came BeforeEdit

Maëngi kills and replaces Sarcellus.

The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

While Achamian and Inrau are having a heated conversation at a tavern in Sumna, Maëngi (as Sarcellus) arrives with two other Shrial knights and recognizes Inrau. Maëngi intercedes and asks Inrau if Achamian is bothering him. Achamian affects the persona of Inrau's rude and drunken uncle, which causes Maëngi to strike him to the ground and express a desire to kill him. Achamian notices that the eyes of "Sarcellus" are curiously empty.

Maëngi and the Synthese ambush Paro Inrau in Sumna before Inrau commits suicide.[2] In the guise of Sarcellus, Maëngi breaks up the stoning of Esmenet at a town outside Sumna. A local priest objects to his interference, but Maëngi strikes him with his mailed fist, asserting his authority through force. He takes Esmenet with him to Momemn where the Holy War gathers.[3]

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

Maëngi is killed at the Fifth Battle of Mengedda, and another skin-spy, Gaörta, takes over the role of Cutias Sarcellus.[4][5]


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