Nonman Bruise sm

A Nonman Qûya as he would be seen by one of the Few, showing the deep bruise of his sorcery.

The Mark is the name for what is otherwise known as the “bruising of the onta.” Aside from the Psûkhe, which may or may not be a true sorcery, all sorcerous manifestations and practitioners exhibit what is called the Mark.[1]

The Few can see the Mark on anyone who has used sorcery and on anything that has been altered through sorcerous means.[2]

Various descriptions of the Mark have come down through history, but there seems to be little consistency in the accounts, apart from the experience’s ephemeral nature.

According to religious accounts, the Mark is akin to the disfiguring of criminals, the way the God reveals the blasphemers in the presence of the righteous. But apologists such as Zarathinius point out that if this is indeed the case, then it is more than a little ironic that only the blasphemers can see the Mark.

In secular accounts, textual analogies are typically resorted to: seeing the Mark is akin to seeing where text has been scratched away and overwritten in ancient documents. In the case of sorcery, since the amendments to reality are as flawed as the Men who do the amending, it stands to reason that some essential difference would be visible.[3]


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