Mysunsai, "The Bond of Three", is a self-proclaimed "mercenary School", which sells its sorcerous services across the Three Seas.

Perhaps the largest of the Anagogic Schools, though far from the most powerful, the Mysunsai are a commercial result of the 3804 defensive amalgamation of three minor Schools during the Scholastic Wars: the Mikka Council from Cironj, the Oaranat from Nilnamesh, and the (Cengemic) Nilitar Compact from Ce Tydonn. Under the terms of the infamous Psailian Concession during the Scholastic Wars, the Mysunsai assisted the Inrithi in their Ainoni campaigns, an act for which the School was never forgiven, though it did much to confirm the School's exclusive commercial interests to its customers[1].

Mysunsai schoolmen have a reputation for being lesser sorcerers.


  • Skalateas - the grandmaster at the beginning of the Holy War


  1. Encyclopedic Glossary, p. 468, 'Mysunsai'

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