Naree is a Nilnameshi Prostitute. She has a beautiful and dark face. As of the year 4132, Naree did not know her age, only that five years had passed since her flowering.


Naree was raised a yitarissa, a ritual harem-slave popular among the Nilnameshi caste-nobility. Her owner possessed estates both in Invishi, where they wintered, and in the Hinayati Mountains, where they spent the plague months of summer. He was a gentle man and she loved him.

However, when her first bleeding came, rather than sell her to a brothel, as was the fate of most yitarissa, her owner set her free. Almost immediately she became the mistress of another caste-noble, a trade representative who was sent to Momemn four years prior. He was the one who had purchased the yellow room and its sumptuous furnishings. Naree loved him as well, but when his year-long tenure expired, he simply moved his wife and household back to Invishi without saying a word. She began selling afterwards.[1]

The White-Luck WarriorEdit

When Maithanet takes over the Andiamine Heights, Imhailas takes Esmenet to hide in Naree's room where she works. While she's there Naree is visited by four different men. Out of fear for Imhailas' life, Naree begs Esmenet to find another place to hide.

Imhailas returns and strikes Naree when he finds out that she's been taking custom in front of the Empress. He threatens to kill her but Esmenet reminds him that she had been a whore as well. Naree continues to take custom.

When the Shrial Knights arrive to take Esmenet they kill Imhailas, and one of them, a Collegian, gives Naree five gold kellics and a silver to remember Esmenet by.[2]


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