Nersei Calmemunis is the Palatine of the Conriyan province of Kanampurea, and nominal leader of the Vulgar Holy War.[1]


Calmemunis is tall and broad of shoulder. His mouth is somewhat small. He wears a beard.[2]


Calmemunis is arrogant, headstrong, and stupid.[3]


What Came BeforeEdit

Calmemunis fought in the Battle of Paremti under his cousin Nersei Proyas, who had him whipped for impiety. Calmemunis and his men brought charges against him, both to the ecclesiastical courts and to the King. Proyas, humbled after a severe chatising from Krijates Xinemus, offered to compensate Calmemunis lash for lash. Calmemunis accepted, whipping Proyas before the eyes of the King and court, not realizing until afterwards that in doing so he lost the high ground and gained the appearance of a petty, resentful oaf. Calmemunis claimed that Proyas had tricked him, and never forgave his cousin for this loss of honor.

The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Calmemunis is the first of the great Inrithi nobles to reach the Nansur Empire and join the Holy War. Believing the threat of the Fanim to be overstated, and worried that the glory of presiding over the Holy War's victory over them will be taken from him if he waits for more high-ranking nobles to arrive, Calmemunis leads the Vulgar Holy War to battle without waiting for reinforcements. He, and all who follow him, are subsequently massacred at the Fourth Battle of Mengedda.


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