Nersei Proyas is the Crown Prince of Conriya.


As a Conriyan, Proyas has a dark complexion. He is not tall, but has a noble, impressive bearing nonetheless. Female characters call him "the handsome prince". 


What Came BeforeEdit

Proyas was a student of Drusas Achamian in his youth. The two shared a close bond, and Achamian loved him, but Proyas turned away from Achamian after becoming a devout follower of Inrithism. Xinemus was his swordsmanship tutor.

The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Proyas is a devoted follower of Maithanet, and he is present beside Maithanet as the Shriah announces the target of the Holy War.

He recognizes Achamian when the Mandate sorcerer is crowd-surfed to Maithanet's side. He is outraged by the blasphemy in spite of his former devotion to Achamian. Afterwards, Maithanet brings him to witness the Tusk for the first time.

Proyas joins the Holy War as one of its Great Names. leading his contingent of Conriyans. Upon first meeting Ikurei Conphas, the two men develop an instant rivalry and hatred for each other.

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

Proyas marches with the Holy War leading his Conriyans. When Kellhus convinces Coithus Saubon to separate from the rest of the Holy War and take his Galeoth host to attack Gedea , Proyas angrily confronts Kellhus at Xinemus's fire. Onlookers are shocked by Proyas's disrespectful treatment of Kellhus. Before leaving in a huff, Proyas accuses Kellhus of dooming the Holy War.

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

The Judging EyeEdit

Proyas is King of Conriya and one of the Exalt-Generals of the Great Ordeal.

The Great Ordeal

He is deeply hurt and puzzled when Kellhus confesses he is not a true prophet.


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