Nihrimsul was an ancient Nonman Mansion that once was subdued by Cû’jara-Cinmoi. Its King, Sin’niroiha (“First Among Peoples” in Ihrimsû), was forced to wash the sword of the High King of Siöl.

After the Battle of Pir Pahal, emboldened by Siöl’s distraction, Nihrimsul and Cil-Aujas had revolted.

After years of hard campaigning, Cû’jara-Cinmoi finally brought the Ishroi of Cil-Aujas to heel, but King Sin’niroiha and the Ishroi of Nihrimsul continued to resist him. The Isûphiryas chronicles dozens of bloody yet indecisive confrontations between the two Kings: the Battle of Ciphara, the Battle of Hilcyri, the Siege of Asargoi. Proud beyond reason, Cû’jara-Cinmoi refused to relent, and put to death every embassy Sin’niroiha sent to him. Only when Sin’niroiha became King of Ishoriöl through marriage did the High King of Siöl concede. “A King of Three Mansions,” he is said to have declared, “may be Brother to a King of Two.”[1]

Nihrimsul was founded by the first generation of Nonmen in recorded history, separately and independently of Siöl. For this reason, Nihrimsul disputed Siöl's claim to be the "House Primordial", leading to their later strife and the Thousand Year Siege. Nihrimsul was located under a southern spur of the Yimaleti Mountains, in the eastern part of the range, east of Viri and west of Siöl.[2]


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