Nostol was a Meöri hero who lived during the time of the Apocalypse.

In 2151, after the collapse of the Meöri Empire, Nostol and a band of his followers allied with Gin'yursis, the Nonman King of Cil-Aujas. Together, they held back the Horde of the No-God at the Battle of Kathol Pass, which would be humanity's only victory during the Years of the Crib. However, the Men resented their Nonmen allies, and the following year betrayed and killed the Nonmen of Cil-Aujas.[1]

Nostol and his followers would go on to become the forefathers of the Galeoth. Common legend holds that the famous fractiousness of the Galeoth is due to a curse placed on the traitorous Nostol and his followers by Gin'yursis. In actuality, Gin'yursis was not so discriminate in his dying; he cursed all Men.[2]


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