Onta is the name given by the Schools to the very fabric of existence. Only the Few can see the onta, although it is not ‘seen’ as much as it is ‘experienced’.[1] Most Eärwan scholars agree that the onta is the secular version of the theological concept of animas, the ‘breath of God’, the moving force of all existence.[2]

Everything was so agonizingly tight, as though the flesh of the world had been dried taut across the gaps between bone: the net against stone, the grid of shadows cast over the hollows, the watery beads cupped between the flex of tendons on his hands — so clear! And within this tightness, the sensation of inner blooming, of the collapse of seeing into being, as though his eyes had been wrung into the very heart of things. From the surface of the stone, he could see himself, a dark child towering across the disc of the sun. The very fabric of existence. The onta.[1]

Effect of Sorcery on the ontaEdit

Aside from the Psûkhe, which may or may not be a true form of sorcery, all sorcerous manifestations and practitioners leave a Mark on the onta, also called the 'bruising of the onta'.[3]


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