Paro Inrau is a former student of Drusas Achamian, slain in Sumna.[1]


Inrau is dark-haired, slender, and clean-shaven. He has large brown eyes and feminine lips.[2]


What Came BeforeEdit

Achamian took on Inrau as a student, training him to become a member of the Mandate; however, Inrau decided not to join the Mandate and to become a Shrial Priest of the Thousand Temples instead. Defection from the Mandate is normally punished by death, but Achamian arranged for Inrau’s escape.

The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Achamian is instructed by his superiors to use Inrau as an informant to learn more about Maithanet and his Holy War. Shortly after agreeing to help Achamian, Inrau is confronted by two skin-spies, Mujonish and Cutias Sarcellus, and a Consult Synthese. Inrau destroys Mujonish, but realizes he is outmatched by the Synthese, and jumps to his death rather than risk giving up valuable information when it threatens him with the Agonies.


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