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Mallahet by spiralhorizon-d7xx9ba

The notorious Cishaurim sorcerer-priest, Mallahet

The Psûkhe is the arcane practice of the Cishaurim, much like sorcery, though cruder in its exercise, and distinguished by its invisibility to the Few.[1]

While wielding Gnostic and Anagogic sorcery requires intellectual strength, one’s ability to wield the Psûkhe is relative to one’s passions. Practitioners of the Psûkhe blind themselves to the profane world as part of their studies.[2]

Practitioners of the Psûkhe called psûkari.[3]


  • The branches of sorcery all take their names from Greek words. “Psûkhe” comes from the Greek word “Ψυχή,” meaning “Soul” or “Spirit.”


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