Ruminations is the magnum opus of Stajanas II, the so-called “Philosopher-Emperor” who ruled Cenei from 2412 to 2431 (Year-of-the-Tusk).[1][Notes 1]


Like many old tyrants, I dote upon my grandchildren. I delight in their tantrums, their squealing laughter, their peculiar fancies. I willfully spoil them with honey sticks. And I find myself wondering at their blessed ignorance of the world and its million grinning teeth. Should I, like my grandfather, knock such childishness from them? Or should I indulge their delusions? Even now, as death’s shadowy pickets gather about me, I ask, why should innocence answer to the world? Perhaps the world should answer to innocence...
Yes, I rather like that. I tire of bearing the blame.

—Stajanas II, Ruminations[2]


  1. There is a contradiction in the text: according to the entry 'Stajanas II', he lived from 2338 to 2395, whereas under ‘Ruminations’, he ruled from 2412 to 2431.


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  2. The Warrior-Prophet, Chapter 22

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